By Assay Type

By Assay Type

What is ELISA?


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one amongst the foremost wide used labeling immunochemical bioassay techniques. It uses an enzyme-labeled antibody to discover the antigen immobilized on the solid phase. The substrate is further to produce a color modification or light signal related to the number of antigens within the original sample. Joined of the foremost sensitive immunoassays, ELISA is utilized in several fields to get and quantify specific target substances in varied sample varieties like cell lysates, blood samples, and food.

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ELISA Formats

There are unit four main formats of the assay, specifically direct ELISA, indirect ELISA, sandwich ELISA, and competitive ELISA. Each ELISA format encompasses a corresponding image to elucidate its method.

Direct ELISA

The antigen is attached to the bottom of the microplate well, the detection antibody directly coupled to an enzyme (such as HRP) is added, and then the enzyme substrate is added. once a short incubation and adding a stop solution, the signal was measured with a spectrophotometer.

The Flowchart of Direct ELISAFig. 1 The Flowchart of Direct ELISA

Indirect ELISA

Indirect ELISA is that the foremost ELISA format. It's similar to the direct ELISA, except that the primary antibody is not labeled by an enzyme. Instead, an enzyme-labeled secondary antibody is utilized to bind the primary antibody to figure out the number of antigens.

The Flowchart of Indirect ELISAFig. 2 The Flowchart of Indirect ELISA

Sandwich ELISA

Sandwich ELISA is specifically designed to notice soluble antigens. Rather than adding the antigen directly to the microplate well, the capture antibody is immobilized on the microplate well to capture the antigen. In step with the number of antibodies used, this format is split into direct sandwich ELISA and indirect sandwich ELISA.

First, attach the capture antibody to the microplate well, add the antigen, and be specifically captured. Then add the detection antibody, this antibody may be directly tagged with an enzyme to work out the quantity of antigen, or while not labeling, the quantity antigen can be determined by enzyme-labeled secondary antibody.

The Flowchart of Sandwich ELISAFig. 3 The Flowchart of Sandwich ELISA

Competitive ELISA

The reference antigen is pre-bound to rock bottom of the microplate well. Sample plus antibody are added to the wells, the antigen within the sample (free antigen) competes with the reference antigen for binding to the antibody. The quantity of antigen within the sample is reciprocally proportional to the signal intensity.

The Flowchart of Competitive ELISAFig. 4 The Flowchart of Competitive ELISA

Choosing the proper format of ELISA

Each ELISA format has distinctive blessings, disadvantages, and suitability. Compare the benefits and drawbacks inside the table, you will be ready to prefer the sort you'd like.

ELISA FormatAdvantageDisadvantage
Direct ELISA
  • Easy to control
  • Short time
  • No cross-reactivity from secondary antibody
  • The Immunoreactivity of the primary antibody may be adversely tormented by labeling with enzymes
  • Not every antibody is appropriate for labeling
  • The price is comparatively high
Indirect ELISA
  • Amplify the signal
  • The maximum immune reactivity of the primary antibody is retained
  • Cross-reactivity may occur
  • A more incubation step is required
Sandwich ELISA
  • High specificity
  • Suitable for complicated samples
  • High flexibility and sensitivity
  • Easy to operate
  • The antigen must have over two antibody binding sites
  • Demanding design, finding two antibodies against the same target may be difficult from time to time
Competitive ELISA
  • Low requirements for sample
  • Depends on base ELISA selected

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