Development of Bead-Based ELISA

Development of Bead-Based ELISA

With the development of immunodetection technology, there are more and more forms of ELISA. Some researchers have applied bead to ELISA and developed a bead-based ELISA type. Since its inception, Creative Diagnostics has focused on providing useful ELISA kits for your research. At the same time, we also provide you with high-quality bead-based ELISA development services according to your needs.

Why Choose Development of Bead-Based ELISA?

In bead-based ELISA, magnetic beads can better adsorb biomolecules, speed up the reaction time, and achieve the effect of local fluorescence enhancement. And, hundreds of magnetic beads report the capture of target analytes, greatly increasing the strength of the detected signal. When you want to develop an ELISA format that can greatly enhance the detection signal strength, when you want to develop a method different from traditional ELISA for a specific target analyte, you can choose our bead-based ELISA development service.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing This Service

  1. Do you need to use a bead to bind the antibody?
  2. Do you need to detect samples with extremely low signal strength?

If your answer is yes, then basically you can choose our service. If you still have questions, we will answer you, and analyze your needs to help you choose the most suitable ELISA development service.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bead-Based ELISA

Bead-based ELISA is a novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method that uses a biotin-labeled base to bind antibodies in a magnetic field and can amplify the detection signal.

The Main Advantages of Bead-Based ELISA

  • Easy to filter and reuse.
  • High spatial degrees of freedom for analyte surface interactions.
  • Based on the 3D structure has a larger surface area, able to bind more analytes.

The Main Disadvantage of Bead-Based ELISA

  • The required cost is higher.
  • Strong magnets are required.

The schematic illustration of bead-based ELISAFig. 1 The schematic illustration of bead-based ELISA. (Wu D; Voldman J, 2020)

Development of Bead-Based ELISA

Bead-based ELISA overcomes major deficiencies in traditional ELISA. We will strictly follow the following workflow in our bead-based ELISA development services.

First, our bead-based ELISA development team will evaluate your research and development needs, and then design a development plan that can fully meet your needs.

According to your testing needs, we use the existing antigen preparation technology platform to provide you with high-purity antigens.

In the bead-based ELISA, 3 antibodies are involved. After the antigen is prepared, use our monoclonal antibody, polyclonal antibody, and other antibody preparation platforms to further meet the requirements of antibody A, antibody B, and secondary antibody according to the development strategy.

After the antibody is prepared, the level of molecular interaction between the antigen and the antibody is analyzed.

In the bead-based ELISA, we use biotin to label antibody A, and the biotin-labeled antibody will be bound by the avidin-labeled bead. In addition, we also need to label the secondary antibody.

Bead is a key component in bead-based ELISA. We use avidin to label the bead to bind to the biotinylated antibody A.

After selecting the various reagents and components involved in the bead-based ELISA, we will proceed to the development of the bead-based ELISA protocol.

In this step, we will optimize the development plan based on the preliminary experimental data feedback to provide you with the best bead-based ELISA development plan.

In this step, we will perform a bead-based ELISA assay using your specified biological sample to confirm the correctness of the protocol.

Finally, we will manufacture the specified bead-based ELISA kit according to your requirements, and at the same time, provide you with all the reagents required for the kit.

Result/Material Delivery

Development Protocol

Development Protocol

All Experi-mental Data

All Experi-mental Data

Ready-to-use ELISA Kits

Ready-to-use ELISA Kits

Validated Assay Results

Validated Assay Results

Creative Diagnostics has been working on developing a variety of new ELISA assay methods for you to meet your individual needs and promote your related research progress. At the same time, we also provide corresponding ELISA testing services and comprehensive solutions for your customized ELISA kit needs. If you are interested in our bead-based ELISA development services, please contact us directly.


  1. Wu D; Voldman J. (2020). “ An integrated model for bead-based immunoassays.” Biosensors & bioelectronics. 154, 112070.
The service is for research only, not for clinical use.
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