Development of Competitive ELISA

Development of Competitive ELISA

Although, Creative Diagnostics offers ELISA kits in various formats including direct ELISA, indirect ELISA, competitive ELISA, etc., which can target thousands of different targets. But we also provide the best development of competitive ELISA according to some individual needs of our customers. We use automated competitive ELISA technology to develop competitive ELISA assays based on colorimetric or fluorescent assays for our customers.

Why Choose Development of Competitive ELISA?

Your research involves the quantitative analysis of a target for which there is no ELISA kit available on the market, or you are trying to develop a new or more optimized competitive immunoassay for a target, choosing our development of competitive ELISA is a wise choice in these situations.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing This Service

  1. Have you not found a suitable competitive ELISA kit?
  2. Are the analytical targets involved in your research suitable for detection by competitive ELISA?
  3. Do you need to quantify an antigen in your sample, especially small molecule antigens and haptens?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Competitive ELISA

In a competitive ELISA, antigens are pre-immobilized on microplates, followed by the addition of enzyme-labeled antibodies. After adding the sample to be tested, if the object to be detected is an antigen, the antigen to be detected competes with the pre-coated antigen to bind the enzyme-labeled antibody. If the object to be detected is an antibody, the antibody to be detected competes with the enzyme-labeled antibody to bind to the pre-coated antigen. After adding the substrate for color development, the color development result is inversely proportional to the amount of the antigen (or antibody) to be detected.

The Main Advantages of Competitive ELISA

  • Impure samples can be detected with high data reproducibility.
  • Competitive ELISA can be applied to direct ELISA, indirect ELISA, and sandwich ELISA.

The Main Disadvantages of Competitive ELISA

  • Overall sensitivity was poor.
  • Specificity is poor.

The Flowchart of Competitive ELISA - Creative Diagnostics

Development of Competitive ELISA

Our experience and expertise are the basis for you to choose us with confidence. We develop of competitive ELISA is in full compliance with regulations and our services are shown in the steps below.

After our team of experts has confirmed that this competitive ELISA development service meets your needs, we will design the best ELISA development assay. And conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the plan to ensure protection from the source.

Combining many years of antigen preparation experience and professional technology platform, we strictly follow the standard from gene synthesis to expression condition optimization, from expression system selection to post-production modification of antigen, and synthesize high-purity antigen for you.

With years of experience in antibody R&D and production, we can prepare satisfactory and high-purity monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, chimeric antibodies, full-length antibodies, and other antibodies to support the development of competitive ELISA.

After preparing the antibody, we need to use label-free antibody affinity measurement techniques such as surface plasmon resonance to measure antibody affinity to analyze the level of biomolecular interactions.

After measuring the affinity level of the antibody, we will choose an appropriate way to label the antibody, and the labeled antibody cannot be affected by activity.

We select reagents such as conjugate stabilizers, substrates, stop solution, wash buffer, ELISA Plate, Foil bags, and other components involved in competitive ELISA according to the needs of customers, and to develop competitive ELISA.

We will improve the problems existing in the competitive ELISA development scheme from various aspects, such as high substrate concentration, poor reproducibility, etc. An optimized competitive ELISA would have significant advantages.

After completing the optimization of the competitive ELISA development protocol, we will test and validate the samples you specify to ensure that the protocol fully meets your requirements.

After the assertion of the competitive ELISA development program, we will produce the specified number of competitive ELISA kits according to your requirements.

Result/Material Delivery

Development Protocol

Development Protocol

All Experi-mental Data

All Experi-mental Data

Ready-to-use ELISA Kits

Ready-to-use ELISA Kits

Validated Assay Results

Validated Assay Results

Creative Diagnostics offers the development of competitive ELISA according to your requirements, which can assist your multiple types of research, such as drug discovery, validation of biomarkers, etc. In addition, we also provide reliable ELISA testing services and provide comprehensive solutions for your ELISA kit customization needs. Please contact us directly for more details related to the development of competitive ELISA.

The service is for research only, not for clinical use.

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