Development of Direct ELISA

Development of Direct ELISA

ELISA is a simple, sensitive, and practical method to detect antibodies, proteins, peptides, small molecules, etc. in various samples. Creative Diagnostics has focused on providing customers with high-quality ELISA kits for over a decade. We not only provide customers with thousands of ready-made direct ELISA kits but also can provide the development of direct ELISA according to the special needs of customers.

Why Choose Development of Direct ELISA?

When you are studying a new target and need to determine its content in the sample, but you cannot find a reliable ELISA kit for the target analyte, or you are trying to detect the target analyte at a lower concentration, to develop a more advantageous ELISA test method, you can choose our development of direct ELISA.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing This Service

  • Is your analyte an antibody?
  • Are you measuring the immune response?
  • Is there only one antibody available on the market for your target antigen?

When your answer is yes, you can choose a development of direct ELISA service. If you are unsure, please contact us directly and we will select the type of ELISA that best suits your needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct ELISA

you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the direct ELISA method. In the direct ELISA, the antigen is non-specifically adsorbed to the wells of an ELISA plate and washed to remove excess antigen, which is then detected directly with an enzyme-labeled antibody.

The Main Advantages of Direct ELISA

  • The detection speed is fast, no secondary antibody is required, and cross-reaction is avoided.
  • The detection process is simple as it requires fewer steps compared to other ELISA types.

The Main Disadvantages of Direct ELISA

  • Since no secondary antibody is used, the signal is not amplified, resulting in lower sensitivity.
  • This technique requires the preparation of primary antibodies that can specifically bind to each target protein, making the experiment less flexible.
  • Non-specific antigen immobilization causes the ELISA plate to be coated with the target protein and other impurity proteins in the sample, resulting in higher background noise.

Fig. 1 The Flowchart of  Direct ELISA Fig. 1 The Flowchart of Direct ELISA

Development of Direct ELISA

The development of direct ELISA involves the determination of the test plan, the preparation of antigens and antibodies, the selection of various components of ELISA, the adjustment of the system, and the optimization of multiple components and variables. The workflow for performing development of direct ELISA services is detailed below.

First, we will evaluate your requirements, once it is determined that the existing direct ELISA kits cannot meet your needs, we will follow your special requirements (assay range, specificity, species reactivity, sensitivity, sample type, etc.) to design a solution that fully meets all your needs. And, our team of experts will evaluate the feasibility of the solution.

As far as the development of direct ELISA is concerned, preparing enough antigens that meet the experimental needs is the basis for preparing antibodies. Our expert team will express high-purity proteins, peptides, and other antigens in the most suitable system with the best expression conditions according to your needs.

In this step, our expert team will develop the most suitable and high-level monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies based on the prepared antigens, combined with our professional knowledge and rich antibody resource library.

After antibody synthesis and before antibody labeling, we use antibody affinity assays to analyze the level of biomolecular interactions.

There are many methods of antibody labeling, and our expert team will use the most advanced technology to label antibodies.

In this step, we will select the various reagents used in the direct ELISA (such as microplates, coating buffer, blocking buffer, sample diluents, etc.) and various components (ELISA Plate, ELISA Plate cover, etc.). Then proceeded to the development of an optimized direct ELISA protocol.

We will continuously adjust and optimize the antibody concentration, diluent concentration, enzyme binding concentration, etc. so that the development of direct ELISA solution we provide can fully meet your needs in all aspects.

When the development of direct ELISA protocol is optimized, to ensure that the protocol is completely accurate, we also perform assay validation on your specified biological samples.

After the development of direct ELISA plan is verified, we will produce direct ELISA kits according to your requirements, and provide pre-coated plates and all reagents.

Result/Material Delivery

Development Protocol

Development Protocol

All Experi-mental Data

All Experi-mental Data

Ready-to-use ELISA Kits

Ready-to-use ELISA Kits

Validated Assay Results

Validated Assay Results

The professional team at Creative Diagnostics can help you obtain a development of direct ELISA service that fully meets your needs. For more details on the development of direct ELISA, please contact us. At the same time, we also provide reliable ELISA testing services and provide comprehensive solutions for your ELISA kit customization needs.

The service is for research only, not for clinical use.
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