Medical Research ELISA Kit Customization Service

Medical Research ELISA Kit Customization Service

Creative Diagnostics has a professional R&D team and advanced R&D technology platform, as well as a rich ELISA kit product resource library, and has accumulated very rich experience in the development and manufacturing of ELISA kits. We have always updated our technology platform and expanded our research fields to provide customers with the most advanced medical research ELISA kit customization service. According to the target, species, serum, red blood cell lysate, and other biological samples involved in the research field, drug development, and other processes, we can provide customers personalized customized services.

Medical Research ELISA Kit Customization Service

Our medical research ELISA kit customization service covers more than 31 species such as Simian, Pig, Goat, Sheep, thousands of specific targets, and multiple research topics. From hematology to bone metabolism, from endocrinology to transplantation, we can provide customers with customized ELISA kits to meet their needs.

Our ELISA Kit Customization Service Process

Service Process Service Content
Determine customer requirements
  • Target
  • Species
  • Sample
  • ELISA format, etc.
Design experiment scheme Design the most suitable experiment scheme according to the needs of customers
Antigen preparation
  • Customer provided
  • Creative Diagnostics prepares or purchases
Antibody preparation
  • Customer provided
  • Creative Diagnostics prepares or purchases
Research and development
  • Selection of reagents
  • Optimization of conditions
  • Determination of recovery rate, accuracy, stability, etc.
Verification Verification testing of specific samples
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Submission
  • The antibody or antigen provided by the customer must meet the experimental requirements.

Why Choose Creative Diagnostics?

  • Huge Product Library
  • There are tens of thousands of ELISA kits.

  • Rich Service Experience
  • Experience in providing customized kit services for dozens of biomedical companies.

  • Strict Quality Control
  • We always follow industry standards, strictly control quality standards, and conduct comprehensive and accurate methodological verification of kits.

  • Professional R&D Platform
  • With technical personnel who have been engaged in customized services for ELISA kits for a long time, a scientific, professional, and powerful R&D platform has been established.

  • On-call Technical Support
  • From the design of the experimental plan to the submission of customized kits, we provide customers with professional technical support 24 hours a day.

Creative Diagnostics is a global ELISA kit manufacturer. We provide customers with scientific service solutions to quickly and effectively establish a personalized medical research ELISA kit customization service that meets customer requirements. At the same time, we also provide believable ELISA testing services and professional ELISA development services. If you have any interest in our services, please feel free to contact us.

The service is for research only, not for clinical use.
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