Pharmaceuticals Contaminants

Pharmaceuticals Contaminants

The Severity of Pharmaceuticals Contamination

The Severity of Pharmaceuticals Contamination

Currently, pharmaceuticals contaminants as an emerging type of environmental pollution has attracted people's attention. Pharmaceuticals contaminants are widespread in urban sewage and farm sewage, posing a potential threat to humans and other biological groups. Scientists found opioids (a painkiller) drugs, amphetamines, and other drugs in treated drinking water. Antibiotics that can change the natural bacterial population have been found in groundwater. Over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs were found in the leachate of municipal waste disposed of in landfills. Typical pharmaceuticals contaminants are mainly antibiotics (sulfa, quinolones, chloramphenicol, macrolides, lincomycins), cardiovascular drugs, anti-inflammatory analgesics, anti-skin allergies, antidepressants, etc.

The Application of ELISA Kits in Pharmaceuticals Contamination Testing

The Application of ELISA Kits in Pharmaceuticals Contamination Testing

Pharmaceuticals contaminants have the characteristics of complex composition, high content of organic pollutants, volatility and irritation, many toxic substances, many difficult-to-biodegradable substances, and high salt content. Pharmaceuticals contaminants mainly come from sewage discharged from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, etc., as well as human and animal excreta.

The harm of drug contamination prompts us to understand the overall situation of drug contamination as soon as possible. The concentration of drug contaminants in the water is low, generally, between nanograms and micrograms, so sensitive detection methods are needed to detect samples. There is no doubt that ELISA is one of the best methods for monitoring drug contamination in the environment. In the past few decades, ELISA has been used to monitor pharmaceutical contaminants in water systems and biological tissues.


Direct ELISA, Indirect ELISA, Sandwich ELISA, Competitive ELISA

The Advantages of ELISA Testing

  • Low cost
  • Simple equipment
  • High-throughput analysis possible
  • Low requirements for samples, no pretreatment required

Sample Preparation

Depending on the type of sample, it generally needs to go through one or more steps of centrifugation, filtration, dilution, and pH adjustment. The samples are generally stored at -4℃ or -20℃.

Types of Pharmaceuticals Detectable


CNS stimulant

Lipid regulator
Veterinary sedative
Endocrine disruptors
Expectorant/mucolytic agent

What Can We Do for You?

We have a professional R&D team, mature technical route, perfect quality management system, and provide high-quality after-sales service. In the ELISA test of pharmaceutical contamination, we will provide the following services.

  • Choose the right antibody according to the drug target to be detected to avoid cross-reaction.
  • Avoid matrix effects (mainly pH, natural organic matter, and salinity).
  • Choose the appropriate sample handling method. When it is necessary to concentrate the sample, we will ensure that the added organic solvent will not interfere with the ELISA.
  • Strictly abide by the regulations, and verify the test results through the calibration curve and precision profile to ensure that the ELISA test results are correct and reproducible.

The Common Pharmaceuticals Contaminant Testing


As antibacterial drugs, sulfa drugs are widely used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial diseases. The problem of sulfonamides contaminants is particularly prominent.

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory

As commonly used drugs to inhibit inflammation, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are widely used. This has accelerated the pollution of anti-inflammatory drugs to the environment to a certain extent.


As drugs for the treatment of common neurological diseases of epilepsy, the environmental pollution of anti-epileptic drugs has also attracted wide attention from scientists.

Hormonal Drugs

As a class of drugs with a wide range of applications and significant therapeutic effects, hormonal drugs have long been detected in environmental Pharmaceuticals by scientists.

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