Cancer ELISA Kit Customization Service

Cancer ELISA Kit Customization Service


Cancer ELISA Kit Customization Service

Cancer is not a disease, but a general term for a group of multiple diseases that can affect any part of the body, also known as malignant tumors and neoplasms. There are currently more than 100 different types of cancer. Research on the mechanism of cancer occurrence and development, immune evasion mechanism and cancer treatment, etc. can be studied by detecting biomarkers, cytokines, blood factors, hormones, peptides, and immunoglobulins in blood, plasma, cell lysates, and other samples. Creative Diagnostics provides hundreds of cancer ELISA kits that can detect many different target analytes. In addition, Creative Diagnostics provides ELISA kit customization service of cancer representing the international high level, which can meet the special testing needs of customers.

Cancer ELISA Kit Customization Service

Creative Diagnostics has the most professional research team and has been committed to the research and development of cancer ELISA kits. To provide customers in need with the highest quality and most satisfactory customized service, we can provide customers with cancer ELISA kit customization service for different targets, biomarkers, species, cancer types, cancer therapy, cancer immunity, and other aspects in cancer research. We have established a standardized, efficient, and scientific ELISA kit customized service process. We will do our best to complete the entrustment of customer service.

Customization ELISA Kit Service Based on Different Cancer Research

Cancer is a major cause of death worldwide, causing nearly 10 million deaths in 2020. We can meet the needs of customers for research on different types of cancer. At present, more than 100 types of cancer have been discovered. We have a wide range of research, including but not limited to the following types of cancer research.

Breast cancer Leukemia Melanoma Urethral cancer
Lung cancer Liver cancer Lymphoma Bladder Cancer
Skin cancer Pituitary tumor Cervical cancer Uterine cancer
Prostate cancer Nasal cavity cancer Osteosarcoma Prostate cancer
Stomach cancer Nasopharyngeal carcinoma Thyroid cancer Pancreatic cancer
Colon and rectal cancer Non-small cell carcinoma Squamous cell carcinoma Peritoneal cancer
  • We have to remind you that this customization service of ELISA kit based on different cancer types is only for research, not for cancer diagnosis.

Customization ELISA Kit Service Based on Different Cancer Biomarkers

Studies have found that the occurrence of cancer is usually accompanied by an increase in certain biomarkers. We can provide ELISA kit customization services for different cancer biomarkers to meet any needs of customers.

Biomarkers Lesion Related Cancers
ER Breast Breast cancer, Stomach cancer
HER-2 Breast Breast cancer
EGFR Colorectal Colorectal cancer
KRAS Colorectal Colorectal cancer
UGT1A1 Colorectal Colorectal cancer, Leukemia
AFP Liver Testicular cancer, Ovarian cancer, Liver cancer
CEA - Lung cancer, Breast cancer
CA125 Ovarian Ovarian cancer, Breast cancer,
CA15-3 Breast Breast cancer
CA19-9 Digestive tract Pancreatic cancer, Bile duct cancer, Gastric cancer, Bowel cancer
CA242 Digestive tract Pancreatic cancer, Bile duct cancer, Gastric cancer, Bowel cancer
CY21 Lung Non-small cell lung cancer
PSA Prostate Prostate cancer
NSE Nerve Neuroendocrine Carcinoma
HCG Uterine Embryonic Cell Carcinoma

Customization ELISA Kit Service Based on Different Species and Sample Types

We can meet the needs of customers for different species and samples. What we can do is not only the following.

  • Milk
  • Serum
  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • Plasma
  • Cell lysates
  • Ascitic fluid
  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Tissue homogenates
  • Cell culture supernates
  • Other biological fluids

Cancer ELISA Kit Customization Service

  • Rat
  • Pig
  • Fish
  • Human
  • Mouse
  • Bovine
  • Chicken
  • Horse
  • Rabbit
  • Dog
  • Monkey
  • Multiple-species

Customization ELISA Kit Service Based on Different Targets

We are confident that we can provide customers with the targets they need to detect. The table lists some targets that are often involved in cancer research.

ADAM2 Ferritin CDH13 EPX
MIA MMP3 P4HB Siglec-9

Customization ELISA Kit Service Based on Different Research Fields

  • Cancer immunity: studies have shown that in addition to cancer markers, there is an etiological relationship between inflammatory mediators and inflammation-related gene polymorphisms and cancer. ELISA can be applied to cancer immunoassay research.
  • Cancer therapy: CAR-T cell therapy has shown good prospects in the clinical treatment of malignant tumors. ELISA is commonly used to detect the killing activity and specificity of CAR-T cells to target cells.
  • Cytokines: sudies have shown that cytokines have anti-cancer activity, and ELISA can be applied to the research of cancer immunosuppressive microenvironment. At the same time, the detection of cytokines is one of the main ways to indicate the activity of CAR-T cells.
  • Cancer biomarkers: ELISA can be applied to the research of early detection of different cancers and the verification of new cancer biomarkers.
  • Others: cncer-related gene expression, cancer cell analysis, cancer signaling pathways, etc.

We Are Ready to Provide

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Creative Diagnostics provides the most comprehensive cancer ELISA kit customization service. We strictly follow the industry's quality control standards to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of customized ELISA kits. In addition, we provide credible ELISA testing services and professional ELISA development services. If you want to know more about the cancer ELISA kit customization service, please contact us.

The service is for research only, not for clinical use.
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